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Knowledge centre is a personal development Centre that specializes in helping people with information, strategies, philosophies and skills that empowers them to make the changes they desires most in order to overcome mediocrity in every area of their personal lives. Our objective is to provide education on natural products of Longrich Bioscience technology and services that enable people reinvent their lives, develop capacity to solve their physical, health, emotional and other challenges. Our major goal is to build community of people and empower them to solve their financial problems and help others solve their financial problems as well.

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Success in becoming a senior stockist of Longrich is hinged more on my wife’s resolve to help liberate people out of poverty and in parts to  my tenacity in learning whatever skills set required to advance to the top in the pursuit of sustainable impacts to this generation.

Pastor Francis Enebeli


Five guidepost to help you turn defeat into victory

Five guidepost to help you turn defeat into victory

1. Study setbacks to pave your way to success. When you lose, learn, and then go on to win next time. 2. Have the courage to be your own constructive critic. Seek out your faults and weaknesses and then correct them. This makes you a professional. 3. Stop blaming...

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