Decision making has four simple steps which is summarized as follow;
1. Think: Before you make a decision, it’s important you think about the advantage and the disadvantage of the decision you are about to make. Never make a decision when you are excessively happy or angry to avoid regression.
2. Ask: Its good you ask questions to gather more knowledge about the decision you want to make, asking questions about what you want to do from the people who knows more or people who are into it already gives you a better chance to make a good decision.
3. Decide: After you have thought and ask questions to gather knowledge about your decision and you are satisfy, then the next step is for you to make your decision.
4. Act: After you have made your decision, the last step is for you to act towards your decision by taking the necessary line of action to make sure that your decision comes to reality. A decision not acted upon is not a decision, it is a mere wish.

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