1. Money hides in problems: One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity. Remember that your health challenge is an opportunity for medical doctors and pharmacies.
2. Money hides in opportunities: Opportunities are door ways and ladder for a new level of life. Opportunity is a vicious circle, accumulated wealth grants you independent.
3. Money hides in people: Money flows to those who make impact on those who have money, the more you add value to people, the more money flows to you. The greatest resource is relationship because it opens the doors to every resource that you need.
4. Money hides in vision: Its vision that attracts provision.
5. Money hides in idea: The idea you brings in a system determines how money flows to you.
6. Money hides in products and services: Remember every body is ready to pay for goods and services that they need. The quality of goods and services you introduce to the society is a determinant of how money flows to you.
7. Money hides in seeds: Your future is in your seeds because buried within every seed is a great potential for surprising outcomes.
8. Money hides in your work: What you don’t work with will not work out for you; responsibility is the capital price for greatness. Ecclesiastes 9:10.
9. Money hides in your gift and talent.
10. Money hides in God: To make money in life, you need God (Deut. 8:18). To make impact in life, you need God. (2corinthians 3:5)

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