As Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC celebrate World Environment5 Day 2021 edition with a theme ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION which is usually celebrated on June 5th every year, there is a call to action on all stake holders including KNOWLEDGE CENTER GROUP to join hands in halting the loss of the ecosystems and help to reverse this damage thereby moving from degradation to healing the land particularly the Niger Delta Region. 

Due to human anthropogenic activities, the planet ecosystems which is the ultimate gift of God to man, is being destroyed. It is believed that every seconds, the world losses enough forest to cover the size of a football pitch and that over the last century, we have destroyed half of our wetlands.

Of all the impacts of ecosystem loss, th impacts on human immune systems and human health is a serious concern to us at Knowledge Center Group. The impact of black soot on the people of Niger Delta Region, caused by the proliferation of Illegal refineries in the region is posing a great danger to the immune systems and the health of the people in the region.

While Government is taking measures to address this menace, it is incumbent on individuals to work with Knowledge Center Group to learn simple ways they can live and keep their immune systems at the optimum level and maintain healthy lifestyle.

Knowledge Center Group, an advocate of healthy and wealthy lifestyle share information, tools, products, strategies, and philosophies that empower people to live sustainably and earn passive income.

We work in partnership with Longrich International as pioneer stockist to educate and distribute high quality daily consumable products and supplements that provide solutions to various health problems.

We conduct seminars every Saturday of the week at our office located at Knowledge Center, Diamond Plaza, Opp. Elimgbu Pry. Sch Tank-Eneka Road, Port Harcourt. Call +2348034483890. Call back if the line is busy. Whatsapp on +2348095783671

Don’t forget, “if you don’t take care of your health, you can’t live to take care of your environment and if you don’t take care of your environment, you won’t have health to take care of”

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