The city of Warri got it better on 6th July 2019 as Knowledge Center group gave insight on the real route to financial freedom. Excitement pervades the atmosphere when people learnt for the first time that business is a spiritual activity and that business activities is one way that we are satisfyingly distant from animals and drawn closer to God. Animals can’t do business.
When someone ignorantly admits that he can’t do business or that he doesn’t have grace for business as commonly said by people, he is unknowingly saying that he is not a spiritual being.
The main difference between human beings and animals is that human beings are spiritual being and animals are physical creature. Every activity of humans that make us have clear resemblance of animals are activities we are not proud of in the public.
For it to be business, two or more people must be involved. The two or more parties must be different. Both parties must be happy in the transaction. If only one party is happy and the other is sad, it is called cheating. Cheating is only acceptable in the animal kingdom and that is why no animal has ever taken lion to court.
We are created by God for one single purpose, which is to serve our fellow human beings. We are not created to look for money, we are created to serve. Money is the consequence, the result of service. The mere fact that you profit from the service you rendered does not corrupt the service. this is where most christians are getting it wrong. Money is a consequence and not a goal.
Find a way to serve your fellow human beings, that is the whole idea of business. If you hate business, you are saying that you are a physical creature.
Opportunity to serve has being made easier by Longrich International. They have produced fantastic products that can enhance the quality of life of people. All you need to do is to help them deliver the products to those who need them and the consequence of that service is financial freedom for you and your family. Don’t forget “Your job on this earth is to connect needs with solution and money will always be the consequence”
Join us for more every Saturday by 1pm at Knowledge Center, Diamond Plaza , Opposite Elimgbu Pry. Sch. Tank-Eneka Road, Port Harcourt