Are you a coach? Are you ready for a coaching career? If your answer is yes, This amazing opportunity is for you.

Knowledge Center Group is a personal development centre that specialises in helping people grow their lives in four dimensions; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

The central message from knowledge Center is that, you don’t have sustainable wealth if you don’t succeed in your health, your relationship and in your finances . For you to enjoy these three dimensions of wealth, you must grow your life in four dimensions earlier mentioned and help others do same.

When it comes to wealth creation, anything that add value, promotes, supports, helps, provide solutions, improves, enhance happiness, contribute, are all very significant. In simple term, there are only two ways of making sustainable wealth as identified by knowledge Center; VALUE CREATION and VALUE DISTRIBUTION. In actual facts, the 21st century wealth is massively owned by those who distribute values to a large number of people. Making quality products that will enhance the quality of the life of people available to a large mass of people is the 21st century source of massive wealth. That is why Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world today.

Knowledge Center empowers you to be a powerful distributor of value through Longrich International. At knowledge center we use longrich international to connect needs with solutions and we are greatly rewarded weekly for doing this.

In a time like this, when the entire economic system of the world is under attack, it is all the learning experiences you have acquired that will serve you. If you are in a city that is locked down don’t forget to get longrich slimming and green tea to detoxify, boost your immune system and save you from being overweight. You can also get our cordyceps militaris.

To become a coach at knowledge Center Group; you must first become an international Distributor. To become and international distributor Contact us on our WhatsApp number 08095783671, email: or visit our office at Knowledge Center, Diamond Plaza , Opposite Elimgbu Pry. Sch. Tank-Eneka Road, Port Harcourt.