There is no registration fee. Your purchase makes you a member from any of the 5 membership categories available-  Q-Silver, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum VIP. Each product has been given a point value (PV)

Longrich has an improved model which excludes monthly compulsory injections of fees. Longrich grows a team of 3 people as your direct down lines. Any referral from the fourth is layered under one of the initial 3. This enhances team growth.

Starting up your Longrich business is easy. There is no registration fee. Just do the following 3 steps:

  1. Choose one of the five entry levels
  2. Qualifying Silver 60pv, 8%
  3. Silver 120pv, 8%
  4. Gold 240pv, 10%
  5. platinum 720pv, 12%
  6. platinum VP 1680pv 12%
  7. Plan your Entry Purchase so that the total products PV ( point value) matches the PV required by the Entry Level of your choice.
  8. Make payment to:

Longrich  Longliqi international Nig. Ltd.


Zenith Bank



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Longrich International Compensation Plan

Longrich offers a very profitable plan for members.

Longrich Worldwide Compensation Plan – 4 Bonuses, 4 Incentives
(All bonuses are paid in US Dollar & converted to local currency by fixed conversion rate.)

  1. Performance Bonus
    2.   Development Bonus
    3. Leadership Bonus
    4. Repeat Order Bonus
    5.  Worldwide Incentive – 2.5% (Travel 1%, Car 1%, House 1%)
    6.   Diamond 7 Incentive- One scholarship slot for you or any person of your choice to study in Soochow university China
    7.  Platinum VIP Incentive – Sharing of 1% of Worldwide PV
    8.   Star Director  Incentive.



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