There are three ways of developing the courage require to live in this real world.

First of all, analyse each problem that you face separately so that you don’t loose your mind and feel overwhelmed by the problems. Problems usually come in clusters and facing them all at once can cause you to lose your mind and lead to a negative emotion of being overwhelmed. A man house rent is due, his 3 children school fees are due, his car broke down and the wife health is threatened, all happening simultaneously. That is the scenario with many people. It takes courage to prioritise and separate the problems.

The second way to develop courage is to realise that fear is contagious. They spread. When we see our fellow man running in fear, we feel fear and began to run. Courage is also contagious. Surround yourself with courageous people. They will boost your own courage and fortify you spiritually. 

Finally, anytime you feel worried or concerned, draw wisdom from our “manual for living” by reading Deuteronomy 31:7, Joshua 10:25, 1Chronicles 22:13 (Be strong and of good courage. Say this aloud repeatedly to yourself)

It is the secret that will transform your business, your work ethics, marriage, relationships and all aspects of your life.