As we celebrate the opening of Longrich stockist office at Oyigbo LGA Riverstate on Saturday 14th March 2020, it is important to emphasize the tremendous benefits network marketing business has brought to Nigeria particularly in the area of women empowerment.
The real pillar behind the Launching of TEAM POSSIBILITY is Mrs Florence Enebeli who stood and ensure that her husband became a stockist of this reputable global giant called Longrich International.
Records has it worldwide and in Nigeria that this is a profession where women excel more than men. The reason is simple. Women are natural care givers, and this is a business for those who love helping others. Another advantage for women here is that they are more believable than men.
Pastor Francis Enebeli’s success of becoming a senior stockist of Longrich is hinged more on the wife’s resolve to help liberate people out of poverty and in parts to his tenacity in learning whatever skills set required to advance to the top in the pursuit of sustainable impacts to this generation.
From history and my personal experience, having spent seven years in this industry, I discovered that when husband and wife come together to pursue a career using network marketing platform like longrich, they become unstoppable.
The success rate in Longrich is high because;
i. The company is reputably on a steady sustainable growth.
ii. The products are excellent and are in high demand.
iii. The reward system is absolutely amazing.
iv. The team support offers by KNOWLEDGE CENTER GROUP cruise you to the top fast.
If you are a woman, and you cannot be motivated to join by what you will gain, think of what you have been losing for seven years now that you have not started. Let what you are going to keep losing motivate you to start.