Libao (Male Fertility Supplement)



The preparation of 80% is a mixture of extracts from rat tissues Sunda snake (Zaocys carinatus) and copperhead snake ordinary (Glodius halys). The remaining 20% ​​- is an extract of tissues of the genitalia snake species.
Snake, as a species, has a very high sexual activity. The level of male sex hormones in the blood of male snake is about 10 times higher than the levels of these hormones in the blood of other animals (eg, deer and tiger). Therefore, while taking the drug along with a powerful tonic effect, there is a pronounced effect of revitalizing the male reproductive system. powder “Li Bao” significantly improves kidney, slows the aging process, prolongs life.
It is strongly recommended for men suffering from:
Weakened immunity, decreased body resistance, chronic fatigue syndrome.

2. Impotence, male infertility (low mobility or lack of sperm motility).Efficiency ratio of the drug for infertility is 92%.

3. Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system.

Form of Serpentine powder “Li Bao” is made ​​in a clean workshop on technology drying at constant temperature (exclusive of hydrolytic extraction technology patented by a corporation Longliqi. The release form – capsules of 0.4 g Packing 160 capsules


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