Two-in-One Shampoo


Longrich Cleaning and Conditioner Combo Shampoo, 300mL
Special Features and Benefits:
To solve problem of dandruff and damaged hair, shampoo designed to nourish hair make hair soft and glossy.

Contains EMP protein and ZPT anti-dandruff ingredients which close to hair composition, natural mint essence extracted from plants which can clean and sooth scalp, reduce dandruff, clean dirt and excess oil, make hair easier to comb and style.

Can quickly and conveniently clean and nourish hair at once.
Wet hair with warm water, take right amount of shampoo poured into palm of hand, diluted with water, lather, even and soft pulp and palm.

Rub hair and scalp for 3 to 5 minutes, then repeatedly rinse with water until clean.


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