“ We now live in a world where the most valuable skill you can sell is knowledge…in America, it is the promise of a good education that makes it possible for any child to transcend the barriers of race or class or background and achieve their God-given potential”.
– Barack Obam

The age we now live in is referred to as information age or the knowledge economy. This is because knowledge has become absolutely indispensable for living a great life of world impact and remarkable success. No man can go far in any field today without acquiring and possessing a reserve of superior knowledge in the area.
“An investment in knowledge pays the highest dividends”.
– Benjamin Disraeli”.

You can elevate yourself in life no matter the level you are at the moment by acquiring superior knowledge and using it to accomplish great things. Men that possess knowledge that can produce needed results are in great demand everywhere. Through knowledge acquisition and work you can promote yourself to any level of life and live life at its best. Knowledge acquisition should therefore become a habit and lifestyle to you.
Make it a date with knowledge center every Saturday by 1.pm @ Diamond plaza, Tank-Eneka Road OPP. Elimgbu primary school Port Harcourt, to empower yourself with superior knowledge

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