Emotions are otherwise known as feelings. It is a gift from God, an action signal, a caution sign that can be well managed not by avoidance, not by denial and by competition. Emotions are managed appropriately by learning and using.
Any effort to avoid or suppress emotion by trying to drive them out of your life or magnify them and allow them to take over everything in your life, you are unconsciously squandering one of the most precious resources of life.
These negative emotions or action signals that pops up when you start a business are:
1. Discomfort
2. Fear
3. Hurt
4. Anger
5. Frustration
6. Disappointment
7. Guilt
8. Inadequacy
9. Overload/Overwhelm
10. Loneliness
These emotions that is often regarded as negative emotions are not really negative as globally believed. They all serve you, they are a call to action in certain areas of your life. you must learn how to use them to create the results that you want in your business, marriage, relationships and many more. Ones you become familiar with the signal and its message, your emotions become not your enemy but your ally. Your emotion become your friend, your mentor, your guide and coach. When you free yourself of the global beliefs of what all these emotions are, you will enjoy all the richness that humans are capable of.
For instance, what is the message from the emotion of frustration? Frustration occur anytime we feel like we are surrounded by roadblocks in our lives, where we are continuously putting efforts but not receiving results. The message from frustration is that your brain believes you can do better than you are doing currently. It is telling you that the strategy you deployed is not working. There is a caution sign saying “Change strategy! Change strategy!!” The solution therefore is to brainstorm new ways to get result. Find a role model, someone who has found a way to get what you want. Ask them for input on how you might more effectively produce your desired result.
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